Discover What The Top 1% of Professionals Know That You Don't...

Discover What The Top 1% of Professionals Know That You Don't...

Discover What The Top 1% of Professionals Know That You Don't...

Unlock Your Vocational Confidence

Elevate Your Vocational Confidence in Your Life's Work

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Hi, I'm Grace

I teach people how to develop vocational confidence so that they can make more money while making a meaningful contribution throughout their career. 

It's not just about corporate jobs either…and it has nothing to do with tweaking a resume or scouring the job boards or any other host of job application activities you might have participated in. I help people take their secret desires and dreams and big ideas, and turn what's possible into what's prosperous. A career is not just working for a company. A career is the greatest form of expression of who you are and the impact you want to have in this world. It includes entrepreneurship, business ownership, and so much more.

It's developing vocational confidence. Which means joyfully earning more, being more, having more, and loving more as you are making contributions to the world in ways that are meaningful to you.

I went from being an orphan without a place to call home, to getting a PhD and building a six figure coaching business, and now I lead a global movement to teach people how to reclaim their passion and vitality and change the world with their career or their business.

I did all of this in less than ideal circumstances. I learned how to create an authentic, lasting, fulfilling career even when the circumstances were awful.

I'm sure I can help you too!

The High Level Results of Learning from Dr. Grace

  • I met Dr. Grace Lee when she was with Stem Cell Technologies and has been an amazing mentor in my life since then. She is a remarkable human being and offers her consultation with passion, grace and lived experience. She has my highest recommendation. There is no better person to offer the kind of help that she does as a Career Revisionist. She's walked that path herself and she has the skills to help you reach your highest potential with compassion and insight.

Angela Leong
Founder and Clinical Director, An Elegant Mind

  • I have been lucky enough to have been in numerous meet ups with Dr. Grace Lee. She brings a science based understanding of human behaviour that is hard to match and always worth listening to. Combined with her disarming manor it is a powerful combination. She has helped me look at what I am doing and why in new ways that help me be more effective in how I interact with others as well as how I think about myself. If you have a chance to hear her speak I highly recommend it. Unlike so many others she isn't 90% fluff.

Shawn Methany
Owner of Conjured Images

  • I came across Dr Grace Lee by chance on LinkedIn. I started following her on her YouTube channel, and then I allowed myself to have a first exploratory call with her. She left me astounded: in one-hour conversation, she was able to capture and articulate my needs and desires. I decided to start her Awaken to Vocation programme in a moment of my life where my job prospects were booming, and I didn’t think I needed a career coach (wrong assumption!). Nevertheless, I chose to invest in myself and dive deep into my professional journey.

    Dr Grace supported and guided me during COVID-19 lockdown, helping me navigate a difficult period in which all my booming prospects disappeared at once. She cheered me up and shared my ups-and-downs, helping me define my purpose and motivation and discover my room for improvements, inspiring my action and making me focus on my progress and goals on the way to success.

    My journey with Dr Grace confirmed one of my favourite quotes from her: behind every success is a river of tears, a mountain of obstacles and an ocean of unfavourable odds. But with her help, I was able to overcome them, make peace with the wrongs in my past and have clarity on what’s next for me. Thanks, Dr Grace Lee, for committing yourself to support my journey. With gratitude, Adelasia.

Adelasia Divona, PhD 
Gender Technical Advisor for GEWE
Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) and WPS

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